Founder of Subconscious Language and Miracles System
Refik Korkmaz

1600 trainers and 3,400 practitioners trained in 180 seminars in 14 countries; He healed thousands of patients or added value to their lives (BEYOND THE MIRACLE).


Subconscious Language Education (Module 1)

Subconscious Language Education is the first day of “Refik Korkmaz Subliminal Language and Miracles System“ training which is given to participants for 3 days. During the day, participants learn the Subconscious Language, how it is created, the symbols of the Subconscious Language and the meanings of these symbols. At the end of the day, the participants will be able to learn and apply the Subliminal Language and Healing techniques.


At the end of the training, participants will be given the katılım Subliminal Language (Module 1) Practitioner ler certificate.


At the end of the 10-12 hour Subliminal Language Training (Module 1) participants will be able to

• To resolve and correct the psychological situation of the person,
• To determine and to improve the health status,
• To detect and treat smoking / alcohol / drug habits,
• To treat all addictions • To eliminate the weight problem
• To increase the sexual power and desire,
• Increasing motivation, ensuring focus
• Improving relationships, increasing love and love,
• Studying female genital organs, increasing reproductive abilities, vaginismus, me Elimination of nausea problems
• Examination of male sexual organs, increase sperm count, elimination of prostate problems, correction of ejaculation problems
• Sexual orientation detection and correction
• Elimination of urinary incontinence
• Insomnia treatment
• Treatment of depression, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions success in life, increasing the course / exam success in children,
• Tics, closed area fear, nail eating, panic attacks etc. correction of traumatic psychological conditions that decrease the quality of life,
• Reduction of hyperactivity in children, elimination of attention deficit
• Elimination of GIS complaints
• Minimization of lymphadenopathies, breast masses
• Elimination of pain, etc. applications.